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HUD Small Business Opportunities Summit

June 14, 2019

On Friday, June 14, 2019, Jasmyne Poston, a Section 3 participant on the Herndon job site participated in the HUD Small Business Opportunities Summit, along with program administrators, small business owners and other program participants from multiple Georgia agencies. Jasmyne shared details about her employment on the Herndon project. She spoke about her previous life challenges and how having meaningful employment with growth possibilities has given her a sense of accomplishment.

She had the opportunity to meet other female Section 3 participants from surrounding cities and they have decided to form a support group for others who are encountering some of the same challenges they have. She has led the charge in further developing her skills in construction and, with the help of AH, all Section 3 participants are now OSHA certified. Further OSHA certification training is planned for the future. Jasmyne is truly self-motivated and is a strong leader. Capstone has offered Jasmyne a permanent position with the company once construction on the Senior building begins.